Thankfully, because most of our consultants have been partners, directors and have held high positions in large corporations, we can identify a candidate’s pros and cons quickly and effectively and then systematically look at different factors to determine whether they have the right attributes for any particular role.

While academic background and work history can complement each other from time to time, personality is equally as important and one we concentrate on carefully. There is no wrong personality, but matching a candidates’ personality to the right work environment is the key to what we would consider an ideal placement and a long lasting relationship for the candidate, the client and us.

Besides personally meeting all our candidates one on one, we will also do our very best to get to know them as well as we could. We don’t just want to know what they are looking for or their expected salary, but we also want to understand what they are like to work with, their reason for job changes down to the very specific knowledge of how they de-stress themselves in times of demanding workloads and whether they participate in sports or extracurricular activities. We do this over a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner so we are able to observe the best we could in knowing who they are.

Let’s also not forget our elimination of the KPI system. With no set targets for our consultants to meet, our consultants have only the client’s interest at heart. This is by far our proudest approach and also one that is beneficial to all parties. Instead of being pressured to meet targets, our consultants will instead spend time and focus in the rigorous scrutiny of each candidate, so that our clients get presented with the cream of the crop. If we cannot think of at least 5 reasons why a candidate is worth our client’s time, we would not send it.

We spare no expense in explaining our approach because we want our clients to know that our professionalism and integrity will never be compromised. That is why we would be an excellent recruitment partner for your company.

We assist our clients in finding the right candidate not only through our methodologies of headhunting and search through online advertisements, print medias and a large advance database, but as professionals who have been practising in their respective industries, our consultants are able to add a personal touch.

For more information, please contact one of our consultants via our contact page.

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