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Up Advisory Services (HK) Limited

We offer the below services:
1. General Employment Advisory
2. HR Strategic Partnership

General Employment Advisory

While employment in Hong Kong is not heavily regulated compared to other jurisdictions, interpretation of the Employment Ordinance (the “EO”) can still be challenging for many. Because of this, we have introduced a new platform dedicated to educating, updating and advising our clients and candidates on many legal issues that can affect the workplace.

With the introduction of the Competition Ordinance in 2015, there are also many areas of risks that HR professionals need to be aware of. How to benchmark salaries, bonuses and other employment terms, competitor non-poaching agreements, sharing of industry or sector information and trade associations and conferences.

With our years of experience working with HR professionals and reviewing countless employment contracts for our candidates as part of our recruitment duties, we are excited to bring in a new service model by introducing our associated company, Up Advisory Services (HK) Limited (“Up Advisory”). Partnering with an employment lawyer who has been appointed to headstart this new project, we hope to achieve a number of goals:

1. To update our clients on new regulations governing the Hong Kong Employment landscape
2. To assist candidates on interpretations of their contracts before signing
3. To advise and consult clients on solutions dealing with employment matters
4. To be retained as a case manager for any legal and human resources matters that the clients are facing.
5. HR Risk Management

•Up Advisory Services is not a law firm and only provide consultations based on the experiences of its people. While some of Up Advisory directors are lawyers, Up Advisory does not provide legal representation.

H.R. Strategic Partnership

Starting a new company? We Can Help!

Starting a new company can be challenging and Up Advisory is happy to assist in our areas of expertise to help with achieving your entrepreneur vision.

How we can help?

We can act as your external HR strategic partner and assist with all things related to employment including:

– Budgeting
– Interviewing
– Payroll Management Service
– Exit Interviews
– Employment Contract Drafting & Reviewing
– Office Setup/ Management
– External In-House Counsel

If you’re interested in this service, we are always happy to speak with you further and a copy of our Terms of Business can be provided on request.